Tuesday, 22 March 2011

How to create your own free radio station with Spreaker.com

It's finally possible to give life to your own free radio show and, why not, even your own online radio station! All you have to do is go to www.spreaker.com, register - or log in if you already have a Facebook profile, and you can start broadcasting immediately.
Spreaker is an innovative site that combines radio programming with the interaction of a social network. After registering for free at www.spreaker.com any user can create a radio program that includes talk and mixing music directly online with a deejay console – a faithful reproduction of those used by professionals.
Spreaker also offers a vast online library. Thousands of branches of indepedent music, creative commons, and emerging groups can be used for your personal program. It is also possible to download your own tracks to your online library.
Spreaker is revolutionizing radio programming. Users add their creativity while Spreaker offers the technology and basic structure to facilitate the process. And it’s free!
Spreaker.com also broadcasts Spreaker Italia 1o9.5, the first web radio in crowdsourcing where all the contents are created by users! Spreaker Italia 109.5 offers diversity, different from themed radio stations dedicated to single artists and genres.

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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Free Credits on Facebook

To receive free credits for Facebook use, go to site gamecoins.com log in using your Facebook account and complete the missions: every 100 points it can be redeemed for 5 credits!

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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Download Windows Live Messenger 2011

To Download Windows Live Messenger 2011 Click here

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Monday, 31 May 2010

Facebook Social Plus: Customize Facebook like never before!

With Facebook Social Plus you can change your profile skin, you can add "no like" button, updating status in color, or voting friends' post and much more.
Required: Browser Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 (or upper) or Google Chrome.
Download SocialPlus for Facebook

Facebook will look like this:

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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Restaurant City: changes of October 09

Recently Restaurant City underwent some changes, starting from some graphic changes, up to the introduction of new functions. Among these we list you:

- Possibility of having a ninth employee since level 21;
- Introduction of new decorations and Halloween dishes. Concerning Halloween dishes, it needs to bring them to the first level by the end of October: if they are not learned in time, shortly after Halloween party, they will be removed from the menu;
- Introduction of a single menu of ingredients exchange, for both locked and unlocked ones. Unlocked ingredients, if exchanged with others of different value, will always need the approval of the other consumer;
- Whenever a videogame is used, it makes us earn one coin, though it needs maintenance every 10 times it is used;
- Addition of the Plants Harvesting trophy;
- When we enter the game, we are now notified about how many aims we earn while being offline, just as it used to happen with coins;
- Buttons to quickly run the dishes when we are in the menu;
- Possibility of sending food to the employees of our friends;
- Reset of the "Rate" at 0 for all. To enter the "Gourmet Street", we need at least 50 votes;
- Bonus of 1000 coins whenever we finish a level.

We may have forgotten some of them for sure, anyway we just hope we listed you the most interesting ones!

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Restaurant City helps and advantages: a new software for this

We just found a useful program for Facebook well known application Restaurant City, which helps you getting advantages while we are playing. Once on its way, this software, called "Piaip's Restaurant City Hack", allows us, with a simple click, to select and get the following helps or advantages:

- Increase of the resistance of workers even if they are working;
- Faster cooks;
- Faster waiters;
- Faster clients in eating and in walking;
- The client cannot go to the toilette;

Once you open this small utility, you will only need to select one or more
of these functions, the browser that we are using, and then click on "Patch!" to get the changes.
We actually tested only some of these functions, but we hope you will send us comments confirming us whether the other functions can work or not! If the program would not work any longer, just try to click on "Check new version..." to look up for a new version of "Piaip's Restaurant City Hack".

Follow the link to download "Piaip's Restaurant City Hack" software:

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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Minigolf Party on facebook: treasure hunter award

In order to get the "treasure hunter award", on Facebook game Mini-golf Party, this are the steps you have to follow:

1) Choose Egypt hole in the Globe Trotter itinerary;
2) Somehow try to hit the Sphinx's nose: this will open a passage next to the pyramid;
3) Hole out the ball into the passage;
4) You will get into a small secret place with coins and a treasure;
5) Then hollow out the ball into the hole, and you will finally win the prize.

Here you are given a video that will show you the process to follow.

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